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Best Dispensaries in Oregon (2023)

Whether you’re looking for the best dispensaries in Salem, Oregon, or elsewhere in the state, people in Oregon have access to some of the best. From dispensaries focused on providing only premium cannabis to those focused on providing the largest inventory, you can truly find some of the best cannabis shops in the Pacific Northwest. Where are the best dispensaries in Oregon? We’ve compiled a list of the top dispensaries to check out in different regions of the state.

Best Dispensaries in Salem Oregon

Astral Market in Salem, OR

Type: Recreational

Regarded as the best dispensary in Salem Oregon, Astral Market has a passion for connecting people with high-quality cannabis products. The menu at Astral Market is filled with cannabis flower and products from only the best brands and farms in the state. We offer an expansive collection, including:

Astral Market works diligently to give everyone access to premium cannabis at prices they can afford. We offer daily specials—seven days a week. We also offer exclusive deals for members like 30 percent of pre-rolls on Sundays. If you’re new to cannabis or simply looking for guidance, our team is always eager to offer their advice. And, you can always keep up with the latest in cannabis news and information by following the Astral Market blog.

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Best Oregon Weed Dispensary (Southern Region)

Emerald Triangle Dispensary in Klamath Falls, OR

Type: Recreational

Situated in the northern part of the famed Emerald Triangle, the Emerald Triangle Dispensary in Klamath Falls is considered a premier weed shop in the southern region of the state. With a massive collection of fine flower, extracts, and edibles, The Emerald Triangle is said to have one of the best selections in the area. The dispensary is open seven days a week and offers delivery to surrounding areas.

Top Shelf Medicine in Bend, OR

Type: Medical and Recreational

Top Shelf Medicine started out as a medical-only dispensary in 2014 but transitioned to serving both medical and recreational customers soon after. In addition to the location in Bend, Top Shelf has dispensaries in Newport and Lakeview. With a mission to provide safe and reliable cannabis products, Top Shelf has made a name for itself by offering some of the best cannabis products in the state. They also work hard to give back to local communities.

Best Dispensary Oregon (Eastern Region)

Treasure Valley Cannabis Company in Ontario, OR

Type: Medical and Recreational

Treasure Valley Cannabis Company is one of the most frequented dispensaries in the state with many excellent reviews from happy customers. Treasure Valley is actually the largest dispensary on the east coast of the state, and they produce some of their own solventless concentrates and products on-site. Customers claim the dispensary is clean, inviting, and fun to visit to watch live hash rosin being made right in the store.

Hotbox Farms in Huntington, OR

Type: Medical and Recreational

Serving both medical and recreational customers, Hotbox Farms is known for high-quality cannabis, vapes, concentrates, and more, and knowledgeable staff members. The dispensary offers impressive daily deals, as well as occasional discounts for customers that visit wearing their branded merch. Hotbox Farms is also known to sponsor some impressive events and concerts every year on the anniversary of its opening date.

Best Dispensaries in Oregon (Northern Region)

High Mountain Rec in The Dalles, OR

Type: Medical and Recreational

High Mountain Rec in The Dalles is a medical and recreational cannabis shop with an expansive menu to choose from. While customers have several shops to choose from in the northern part of the state, High Mountain Rec consistently gets positive feedback. Reviewers mention that this is one of the best dispensaries in Oregon because of the wide variety of options on the menu, the savings opportunities, and the highly knowledgeable staff.

Gorge Greenery All Things Cannabis in Hood River, OR

Type: Recreational

Gorge Greenery is one of the few Clean Green Certified Marijuana Dispensaries in the state. With a commitment to keeping all things cannabis as green as possible, Gorge Greenery does things a bit differently than most weed shops. The dispensary partners with cultivators and processors that follow sustainable growing practices and use sustainable packaging. However, they also work hard to be kind to the environment in their store with reusable exit bags, mindful furnishings, and more.

Best Dispensaries in Oregon (West Coast Region)

Redbarn Dispensary in Tri-City, OR

Type: Medical and Recreational

The Redbarn Dispensary is one of the most popular dispensaries on the west coast of the state of Oregon. Redbarn actually has multiple dispensaries in different parts of the state, including locations in Myrtle Creek and Springfield. However, each Redbarn dispensary is known for offering some of the best deals for high-grade cannabis products, including its own in-house creations. Redbarn sources many of its products from local suppliers but also offers its own premium strains like Island Boi and Double Dream grown in its own cultivation centers.

Planning a Visit to Salem? Pay a Visit to the Best Dispensary in Oregon

At Astral Market, we’re ecstatic to be one of the most trusted names when it comes to the best dispensaries in Salem Oregon. We include only top cannabis strains in our inventory and partner with only the best farms and brands. If you will be paying a visit to the Salem area, we hope you’ll stop by for a one-of-a-kind cannabis-shopping experience. In a rush? Check out our menu online, place your order, and we’ll have your order ready for pickup when you arrive.

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