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Top 5 Cannabis Growers in Washington State: Best Weed Farms

With good soil, a mild climate, and natural sunlight, Oregon is a good place to grow cannabis. Therefore, it is no surprise that some of the best cannabis in the country is grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. This means Oregonians are lucky because they have access to some of the finest weed from the best cannabis growers in Oregon. Check out the best cannabis farms in Oregon below.

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Best Cannabis Growers in Oregon

1. Meraki Gardens

Meraki Gardens, located in Multnomah County, is one of the few female-owned, Clean Green Certified indoor cannabis farms in the state. With over a decade of cannabis cultivation to brag about, Meraki Gardens produces some of the most sought-after flower in the state. Meraki does everything with heart and soul in their grow-op, right down to playing happy music to the plants as they grow to foster healthy development. A few strains you’ll see from Meraki Gardens include Cinnamon Sour, Pura Loca, and Sunny D.

2. Decibel Farms

Decibel Farms is a sustainability-focused cannabis farm located in the Applegate Valley region in the southern part of the state. Decibel produces craft cannabis that is now sold all over the state and is highly regarded for its clean, pure taste. The grower’s strain library is always impressive. A few favorites from Decibel Farms include Red Pop #6, Jiffy Gelato #2, and Tropical Gelato #3.

3. Gud Gardens

Gud Gardens is a large indoor/outdoor cannabis farm in Josephine County, which is part of the area known to be the best place to grow cannabis in Oregon. If you’re into trying new and obscure strains, this brand is one to explore. Gud Gardens brings so many unique strains to life, such as Corn Cob, Jaeger Kush, and Banana Squirt.

4. Astra Cannabis

Astra Cannabis is produced by Yance Farms in Columbia County, OR. Astra is known for delivering a broad spectrum of terpene-rich cannabis strains known for their impressive potencies and flavor profiles. One ever-popular pick from Astra is Wedding Cake, which comes in at a whopping 28 percent THC or higher and is often touted as one of the best cannabis strains to grow in Oregon.

5. Wicked Kind

Wicked Kind set out to produce prized cannabis meant to be shared and enjoyed much like the Grateful Dead days of the past. The farm focuses on cultivating super-sticky, super-fragrant buds that everyone can appreciate. The Wicked Kind collection includes everything from tried-and-true classics like MAC 1 to super-rare flower you don’t find every day like Glitterati.

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