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Galactic Runtz Strain

Galactic Runtz is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that is grown by breeding Falcon 9 and Runtz. Although it has mostly Indica, this strain doesn’t put the user to sleep but instead helps them relax and focus their mind.

Galactic Runtz Strain Information

This strain is notable for its sweet aroma and flavor. Some users say it tastes like Skittles, while others remark the flavor is more like Froot Loops. The flower itself is colorful and magical and gives the user a sense of wonder and whimsy before they do anything to it. Growers also report that this bud stays extra moist, so it’s hard to dry out, but mold can be an issue if you don’t put it in the right container.

Getting To Know Galactic Runtz

Who Makes the Galactic Runtz Strain?

This strain was originally produced by the company Exotic Genetix, which works out of Tacoma, Washington. This breeder sells and distributes its seeds to various growers around the country, which is why you can find this particular flower in Oregon and beyond. We currently grow our own Galactic Runtz in house here at Astral Market!

How Potent is Galactic Runtz Flower?

This flower is pretty potent, with a THC concentration of 26 percent. So, it’s not the highest option you can find, but it packs a punch that you’ll feel relatively quickly after smoking it. We recommend this strain for experienced smokers or newbies who are looking to expand their horizons.

Where to Find Galactic Runtz in Oregon?

While many dispensaries carry Galactic Runts, you can find our own home grown Galactic Runtz here at Astral Market in Salem!

Galactic Runtz Strain Review

As an Indica-dominant strain, Galactic Runtz is more likely to help you relax than make you feel energized. However, while other strains help put you to sleep, this option just makes you feel good. So, it’s a decent flower to smoke before bed, but you can also use it during the day, even if you need to stay awake for extended periods.

Overall, the flavor profile and relaxing side effects make Galactic Runtz a good strain to keep in your regular rotation. If you’re feeling anxious or nervous about anything, a hit or two can calm your mind without making you feel drowsy. Plus, with a relatively high THC concentration, you only need a little bit to feel the effects.

Where to Buy Galactic Runtz Marijuana in OR

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