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Pax is a company that makes vaporizers. The company’s primary device is the Pax Era, which is designed for use with cannabis concentrates, flowers and buds. Pax Pods are pre-filled cartridges that fit into the Pax Era device. These cartridges are disposable, making them more convenient than packing your own cannabis into the vaporizer. In addition to the pods and pens, Pax also sells various accessories, like stash bags, multi-tools, grinders, charging trays, cleaning kits, mouthpieces, and more.

My first thought, after inhaling a beautifully smooth bit of live resin, is that Steve Jobs probably would have loved this in college. All you have to do is put a cartridge in and inhale

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Pax Pods:


Pax Review

While there’s something iconic about rolling and smoking a joint, the future of cannabis consumption is in vaporizers like Pax Pods. These devices offer more convenience, especially because you can use them for both flowers and concentrates.

We like that Pax vaporizers work with pre-filled cartridges or tanks. This way, you have complete control over your cannabis experience. We also appreciate the quality and durability of these devices, as they’ll last a long time before breaking down. Overall, if you love to vape marijuana, Pax is an excellent choice.

Where to Buy Pax Pods

You can get Pax Pods Oregon at various dispensaries, including Astral Markets. This dispensary has multiple locations, so it’s easy to find Pax pods near me as long as you’re an Oregon resident. For example, you can use Pax’s Pax pod locator service to see where they’re available in the state. Most users should be able to get Pax pods Portland, although Astral Markets has locations in Beaverton, Tigard, and Salem, too.

Keep in mind that the pods are only for the Pax Era device. So, when conducting your search, you’ll need to use terms like Pax Era pods Oregon or Pax Era pods Portland.

Buy Your Pax Pods at Astral Markets

Although there are quite a few dispensaries in Oregon, Astral Markets works with local growers to produce some of the best strains possible. This way, if you’re not trying to buy pods, you can get a Pax Era in Oregon and make your own mixtures and concentrates. With a little creativity and ingenuity, you can turn your Pax device into something truly mesmerizing.

Where to Buy Pax Pods in OR

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