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Meraki Gardens

Meraki Gardens is a cannabis farm operating in Oregon. The entire business is female-driven, including the founder, CEO, and most of its staff. The farm was founded in 2013 and originally sold medical marijuana. However, once Oregon changed its laws to allow for recreational cannabis dispensaries, Meraki Gardens started catering to the recreational cannabis crowd.

Meraki Gardens:


This farm also has a few unique distinctions that set it apart from other growers in the state:

  • Kosher Certification – Typically, a Kosher designation relates to food production, but it can also apply to cannabis growth and cultivation. For farms like Meraki to obtain this certification, they must use only Kosher-approved equipment and materials. Since almost all cannabis growers aren’t concerned about “going Kosher,” Meraki Farms products are must-haves for Jewish marijuana enthusiasts.
  • Green Certification – A lot of cannabis farmers talk about being eco-friendly and sustainable, but Meraki has the papers to back up their claims (pun intended). This certification means a lot within the industry and illustrates the company’s commitment to the environment. Some highlights of how Meraki has “gone green” include an energy-efficient HVAC system, organic nutrient-rich soil, and chemical-free pesticides. So, if you’re concerned about your impact on the environment, Meraki may be a suitable choice.
  • Spirituality – For many years, cannabis was the unofficial plant of the hippie movement. These days, far more people partake in marijuana, but the owners of Meraki Farms believe in combining spirituality with the growing process. Those who indulge in this practice will be happy to know that all the plants experience spiritual enlightenment through meditation, touching, and sound vibrations.

Meraki Gardens Product Line

This cannabis grower only sells two types of products – pre-rolls and flower buds. We highly recommend sampling the flower first and then ordering pre-rolls if you want the added convenience of not having to roll your own joints.

Some of the best-selling flowers offered by Meraki include:

  • Sneeze
  • Gasoline Zest
  • Sundae Driver
  • Motor Breath
  • Apple Tarts
  • Lava Cake
  • Blueberry Headband
  • Grateful Breath

The company mostly focuses on Sativa-dominant and hybrid strains, but you can also find a few Indica-dominant plants to help you relax or go to sleep.

Meraki Gardens Review

When you first read about Meraki Gardens, it seems like they’re more focused on the cultivation process than producing high-quality cannabis. Don’t get us wrong – being green and Kosher are important, but what matters is if the flower gets us high the way we want it to.

Fortunately, Meraki can back up those claims too. Virtually all of the products available are stellar, and you don’t get the leftovers stuffed into each pre-roll, either. All of their products are high-quality and work well for users of all experience levels.

Where to Buy Meraki Gardens in OR

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Thanks to the dankness of its nugs, Meraki Gardens products are available in the most prominent dispensaries throughout Oregon. Plus, if you’re interested in medical marijuana, some of these strains can be fulfilled as a prescription.

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At Astral Markets, we’re always committed to providing the best products for our customers. While you can get high from Meraki Gardens, we offer a wide selection of other items like edibles, beverages, and concentrates. Plus, if you need cannabis gear and equipment, we have you covered. Visit one of our locations today!

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