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Higher Cultures

Higher Cultures is a cannabis company that focuses on producing high-quality extracts, including concentrates, vape carts, and live resin. The company grows its own cannabis, so it controls the manufacturing process from seed to crystal. Because of this level of control, the products at Higher Cultures are often better than those from brands that outsource growing and cultivation.

Higher Cultures is located in Grants Pass, Oregon, and it’s a small operation with just a handful of employees. However, the staff at Higher Cultures focus all their time and attention on making the best products because they’re passionate about it, not because they’re trying to get rich.

Higher Cultures:

Product Line

Although Higher Cultures grows its own plants, it only sells cannabis extracts and concentrates. The full list of products you can buy from this brand includes the following:

  • Single Crystal – This company is the only one producing single-gram crystals, which are both visually pleasing and deliver a superior high.
  • Canary Diamonds – These smaller crystals are made from the same process and dipped in a high terpene extract for better results.
  • Sauce – This live resin sauce is made from frozen cannabis buds and is smooth and creamy.
  • Sugar – This resin is the same as Canary Diamonds, but they form it into smaller, sugar-like crystals for added convenience.
  • Batter – A live resin that’s mixed with cannabinoids and terpenes to resemble cake batter.
  • Budder – Instead of fresh buds, this extract uses cured buds for a thicker and stickier consistency.

In addition to live resin concentrates, Higher Cultures also sells vape cartridges that use CBD, High-Terpene Extract (HTE), Live Resin Extract (LRE), and Distillate + Live Resin (DLR).

Higher Cultures Review

If you’re into dabbing and using cannabis concentrates, then you’ll want to start adding Higher Cultures to your shortlist when buying products. It’s obvious that the crew at Higher Cultures know what they’re doing, and the resins they produce are incredible. Also, those who love to vape will appreciate the smoothness and quality of their cartridges. The high you get from these products is incredible, and you’ll also appreciate the aromas that come from each of their extracts. Even if you’re not used to using cannabis concentrates, you may want to start using them after sampling the products of Higher Cultures.

Where to Buy Higher Cultures in OR

Come See Us!

Although Higher Cultures is based in Grants Pass, it mostly sells its products to dispensaries in the greater Portland/Metro area. You can find a distributor close to you by using the brand’s map locator tool.

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Higher Cultures isn’t the only cannabis brand that’s committed to quality and delivering superior highs. At Astral Markets, we take pride in offering the best products, including concentrates, flowers, and edibles. Plus, we carry all the accessories you’ll need to make the most of your live resin or vape carts.

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