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Gud Gardens

Gud Gardens is a cannabis grower based in Southern Oregon. Since its inception, this female-owned business has strived to cultivate the finest strains and flowers possible. The farm is located next to the scenic Rogue River, and the business does more than just grow cannabis.

However, when it comes to cannabis growing, Gud Gardens does it in multiple ways. Some crops are grown outside in the sun, while others are grown in a greenhouse. The farm also has a complete indoor growing operation so it can produce crops during Oregon’s cold and wet winter season.

Gud Gardens:


As a farm, Gud Gardens doesn’t produce much beyond flowers and pre-rolls. However, this farm’s scale allows it to grow many different strains, so you have lots of options. Here’s a rundown of the different products you can buy:

  • Gud Gardens Preroll Packs – Who has the time to roll their own joint? Modern life moves at a breakneck pace, so it’s hard to be able to sit down and roll your own cannabis. These pre-roll packs are highly convenient, and they’re not just packed with sticks and stems, either. Gud Gardens believes in using the best flower for its joints, so you can smoke with confidence.
  • Gud Gardens Organic Cannabis Flower – The farm produces 15 high-quality strains, so no matter your preference (Indica, Sativa, hybrid), you can find something to enjoy. Examples of the flowers grown at Gud Gardens include Runtz Buttons, Galactic Runtz, Jager Kush, Durban Pineapple, and more.

GÜD Gardens Review

There’s something about cannabis that just makes growers want to connect with nature as much as possible. Unlike modern industrial farming, cannabis farms like Gud Gardens strongly believe in sustainability and providing for the Earth. So, if you’re an eco-friendly cannabis enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the care and attention to detail that goes to producing each batch of flowers.

The results also speak for themselves. Even just looking at the flowers you buy, you can tell that the folks at Gud Gardens know what they’re doing. The buds are aromatic and fresh and have just the right amount of stickiness to feel satisfying. Plus, there are no harsh odors or chemicals when lighting your joint. Overall, a fantastic cannabis experience from start to finish.

Where to Buy Gud Gardens in OR

Come See Us!

Thanks to the farm’s commitment to excellence, you can find Gud Gardens strains and flowers at virtually all Oregon-based dispensaries. The company has a complete list of locations available online for your convenience.

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Astral Markets is centrally located in Salem, OR, making it super convenient for cannabis enthusiasts around the state. We not only sell Gud Gardens flowers, but we also work with other high-end growers to deliver the best products for our customers. Come and experience the Astral Markets difference for yourself!

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