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Chompd Edibles

Chompd Edibles is a cannabis company that produces cannabis-infused gummies coated with different flavored candies. This brand doesn’t have much of a presence online, but it distributes its products in Oregon and Oklahoma.

Since Oregon legalized recreational cannabis, Chompd Edibles are designed for both medicinal and recreational use. In Oklahoma, where only medical marijuana is legal, the company’s product offerings are slightly different to cater to patients, not casual users.

Chompd Edibles:

Product Line

Chompd Edibles does not have a website with a complete product lineup, but here are some flavors you can buy at your favorite Oregon dispensaries, including Astral Markets:

  • Blood Orange Gummy
  • Green Apple + Strawberry Geek Bomb
  • Watermelon and Rainbow Gummies
  • Blue Raspberry Rainbow Geek Bomb
  • Raspberry + Lemonade Geek Bomb

Chompd Edibles Review

Although cannabis gummies have been around pretty much since the beginning of the modern legalization wave, they’ve never been as colorful or flavorful as those from Chompd Edibles. Although this company only focuses on gummies, it does so with panache and pizazz to make the cannabis experience both enjoyable and playful.

Part of what sets this brand apart from the rest is its lineup of Geek Bombs. These treats start off with a gummy piece and then add a layer of fruity hard candy to the outside. Since these candies resemble Nerds, we’re forced to assume that’s why they’re called “Geek” bombs – to avoid potential copyright infringement.

The combination of regular candy and cannabis-infused gummy is unique and offers a fantastic mouthfeel. As the candies break off and scatter inside your mouth, it kind of feels like a massive party is happening and everyone is running around, trying to have a good time. The flavor combinations are also exquisite and are almost refreshing. While you don’t necessarily need to eat some Chompd gummies on a hot day, doing so might be better for you than you would imagine.

Where to Buy Chompd Edibles in OR

Come See Us!

Again, since this company doesn’t have an official website, it’s hard to say where you can buy it in Oregon. Realistically, all the major dispensaries should carry at least one or more versions of Chompd Edibles, but you’ll have to do some research before heading to the store and trying to find a pack.

Also, keep in mind that there’s a difference between regular Chompd gummies and the brand’s “geek bombs.” So, if you’re interested in one and not the other, you have to be specific in your search.

Buy Chompd Edibles From Astral Markets

Astral Markets is proud to carry Chompd Edibles along with tons of other locally-produced edible cannabis products. Whether you’re in the mood for gummies, chocolates, or even cannabis-infused soda, we have everything you need to feel nourished and high.

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